How To Choose The Right Tree Surgeon For Your Trees

If the trees that you lovingly and painstakingly brought up in your yard looks like they need expert attention, then you should not hesitate to call a tree surgeon. A tree surgeon also called an arborist, is a professional who can carry out different tree works including planting, felling, treating old or damaged trees to preserve them, etc. A tree surgeon should be properly trained and experienced to be able to undertake potentially hazardous tree works. More details on how to carry out tree works competently and safely can be obtained at

Here, we have collaborated with to understand more about the specific points we should keep in mind while choosing a tree surgeon. Tree works are operations that require a lot of skill and training. Getting the right person to take care of your trees efficiently will help ease your headache.

Check the qualification
A tree surgeon should have good arboricultural knowledge and certifications. This will help them to study a tree’s health, identify problems and to make necessary suggestions. The ones who have studied arboriculture would have certificates to prove their qualifications. They would also be adept at species identification, tree biology, fungi, pests and diseases that affect trees, decay detection, etc.

Competency and safety
A tree surgeon has to undergo several types of training and get all the Certificates of Competence after he has been successfully assessed to possess the necessary skills needed to work as a professional tree surgeon. Chainsaw use, brushwood chipper, tree climbing and risk assessment are only a few of the areas in which a good arborist should have certifications. These kinds of training are mandatory for tree surgeons in most countries.

Skill and experience
This is a job that can only be learned through practice and experience. The skill set needed to be a competent tree surgeon has to be acquired over a period of not less than five years of working closely with a team. A skilled supervisor will be scrutinizing the work done by a trainee, and the trainee will be part of a team consisting of climbers and ground staff. Needless to say, any tree surgeon you employ should have some good work experience besides being competent and qualified.

Before employing a tree surgeon to work on your trees, make sure that you have checked on their insurance. Never work with someone who is not properly insured as this job involves a lot of risks. A tree surgeon usually has to work at a height using dangerous machinery – sometimes in poor weather conditions. Since the job comes with its own set of hazards and safety concerns, it is always recommended to make sure that you are dealing with an insured tree surgeon.

There are several other matters to be considered before finally choosing an arborist. Getting a written quote from at least three arborists is important before you make a final decision. As is getting the list of all the work that will be done for that quote.

With this checklist in hand, find a skilled arborist for your trees!